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The future depends on  
what we do in the present 
-Mahatma Ghandi 


“I have worked with Ros for a number of years. She has enormous energy and determination, and will stick with difficult problems striving to find creative solutions” (TB) 
" I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Ros Howard to you.......positive, polite and warm, she quickly puts you at ease, then successfully teases out the issues, allowing growth, development and new ways of thinking which will ensure a brighter future.......a quick and accurate assessment of individual need, coupled with care and support through what could be a difficult process of self discovery " (M) 
“Ros has a consistent and noticeable high regard and respect for her clients. She is open to a range of theoretical models and approaches and central to her practice is the building of a relationship and an alliance of trust and warmth”. (SG) 
“The passion Ros has for her job enables individuals like me to progress. She is an excellent therapist” (SN) 
" Ros gave excellent advice and practical solutions in a straight talking yet reassuring and calming way. She quickly made me feel comfortable enough to trust her with my innermost thoughts and fears, making counselling just like talking to a friend. In a relatively short course of sessions she helped me conquer a lot of my anxieties and my lack of self esteem, enabling me to emerge a more confident and a happier person " (R D) 
''Ros was my Supervisor during my Level 5 Counselling Diploma from 2008-2010. I was about to begin my placement within a GP practice and they had not taken on a placement Counsellor in the past and I was to be their first voluntary Counsellor. With no agency to support me I needed a professional who could guide and support me. She quickly set to work with me and assisted me with producing GP referral forms, assessment forms, risk assessment forms and discussed, in full, how to set up this arrangement in accordance with BACP rules and regulations. 
From the start I felt comfortable with her, trusted her to guide me and ensure I conducted myself at all times professionally and with my client’s best interest at heart whilst ensuring my own protection and safety. 
I valued this support above all else during my practical training and for my own personal development. At the time she was “my rock”. She ensured I was always aware of my limitations and was able to rectify any oversights and examine and reflect on my own feelings, thoughts, behaviours and overall approach with my client. She was also there to celebrate my successes. 
This led to 110 successful hours within that practice and in turn led to my own continued personal development and qualification.'' 
''I was a little anxious about seeing a therapist at first, but going to see Ros was a very good decision. Ros opened my mind and allowed me to see the answers I needed. I definitely would recommend! I have become a happier person in the process." (J C) 
''I whole heartedly would and have recommended Ros to anyone. I approached Ros after a number of instances. Whilst I haven't forgotten all that has occurred, Ros has worked with me to develop coping mechanisms and tools for when things get challenging. I got so much out of my time with Ros and really do miss the time I had with her." (KW) 
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